All American Butter -Butter My Cup Peanut Butter

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 If you love Reese you are going to love this! Our signature super drippy, extra creamy Pb topped with chopped Reese cups, mini Reese pieces and mini Reese Pb chips 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Our taste testers say:

”Tastes just like the inside of a Reese cup”

”Best flavor yet”

”Sex in a jar”

Are you ready for it?

 *** Disclaimer: It’s getting warmer out, chocolate melts; your package gets flipped around during shipping-it will not arrive looking like the picture.***

**All orders are made fresh after your order is placed. It will take a couple of days to for us to hand craft your butter and then 2-3 days priority shipping. We’s worth the wait.

** Ingredients: Peanuts, Hydrolized Whey Protein Isolate, Pure Cane Sugar, Reese Pieces/Cups (suar, partially defatted peanuts, vegetable oil, corn syrup, artificial color, cornstarch, canuba wax, vanillan, artificial flavor, milk) Stevia, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt