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Patriot of America

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Why buy from us?

Why buy our items you ask?   We will try to find all the finest items that are 100% American Made to sell on this platform.   So be a Patriot and support your land.     Although there are a few items that are not Made in America, it is only because they're PERFECT items for the Patriot in your family.  

The Design

From the III percenters, to the founding fathers 13 colony stars, to the rattlesnake that meant so much to Ben Franklin and the other American Patriots, to most importantly                  "IN GOD WE TRUST"

To the Loyal 9 who helped privately spread the news (WWG1WGA) and cannot forget the 17 Stars!!!

Patriot of America Flag

These flags will AMAZE you or anyone who shares the Love, Passion and Respect for this country.   With so much meaning put into the design of this flag.    FLY IT HIGH AND PROUD